Text Box: Sprigger's Choice, Inc.

Text Box: Rhizome and sprig harvesting and planting equipment to meet the demanding needs of a diverse customer at home and internationally.

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Text Box: Sod to Sprigs Line (patented):
·           SprigMaster II 48” & 52” slabs, mini & Big Rolls
· SprigMaster II 7’ Pallet [process slabs and Minnie rolls] 
·               Sod to Sprigs stationary units

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Text Box: To contact us call:   HOME
Cell: 229-886-3347

Text Box: Broadcast Fairway Sprigger:
·              SprigMaster Pro 6, and 7’
· SprigMaster Pro Jr. 4’  
Text Box: Rhizome, Sprig, Root Harvester:
·                    Side load harvester
· Rear Load Harvester
Text Box: Other Sprigging related equipment:
·                          Sprig Washer
Chemical, fertilizer applicator [Fumigator]
Rear Load Harvester
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SM Pro 7' Boran ranchText Box: Row planter line:
·                 No-till Rhizome and sprig planter
·                  Conventional Rhizome Sprig Planter
· Conventional Rhizome and sprig planter
SM Pro 7' Boran ranchSM Pro Jr. 4'SMII 7'Stationary sod tosprigson trailerNo-Till SpriggerConventional spriggerSprig harvester loading truckRear load harvester and wagonSpr rhizome washerFumigatorText Box: Sports Turf No-Till Sprigger

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