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Rhizome and sprig harvesting and planting equipment to meet the demanding needs of a diverse customer at home and internationally.


Mary and Jesse would like to welcome you to Sprigger's Choice, Inc. Our hopes and prayers are that you will find the Rhizome and Sprig harvesting and planting (sprigging)

related equipment that you

need to turn your job GREEN.

Starting in 1987as Grimsley Sprigging

 And with increasing frequency, many of those farmers are turning to sod.

There's definitely money to be made from growing sod, but there's much

more to this business than simply waking up one day and saying, “I'm going

to be a sod farmer.” That’s where Jesse Grimsley comes into the picture.

We farmed in Parrott, Georgia for some 21 years before slowly turning the

farm over to their son, Stephan Grimsley. Stephan has now bought the

farm from his parents, and it is an all sod farm known as Tuff Turf, Inc.

There are those that say I am recognized as an innovator in the sprigging

industry, that I have learned much about the sod business and pass that on

to customers with a grain of salt. I sort of agree with them.

I have been out of the planting business for a number of years and things have changed a lot in varieties and chemical and laws.

That was some years ago and boy have things changed, Many acres of sod have been plowed under and that has added pressure to the grains markets with more irrigated land going into row crops.  Planning is more important that ever.

Our past business for 18 years, Grimsley’s Sprigging Service, Inc., provided a full range of sprigging services, including furnishing and transferring the sprigs, offering a source for any type of grass, as well as consulting.

Grimsley's Sprigging Service, Inc. has been the source of information to building our manufacturing business. We sold the  sprigging service to Stephan in order to dedicate more time to developing sprigging equipment designed and built by Sprigger's Choice Inc. at Dawson, GA.  Listening to the customer is a must to stay ahead of the curve. Though potentially profitable, producing sod is an expensive venture. I would point out, a lack of planning will surely lead to failure. For anybody who's considering getting into the business I would strongly advise that you start your preparation at least six months to a year in advance.

Some suggestions from Jesse are that you have soils tested and make sure the soil is prepared right for sprigging. Not only do you have to have the right kind of land that it takes to grow sod, you also have to have the personality to grow sod - it's not an easy thing to do. Newcomers often want to cut corners, something I always caution against. A lot of times, for example, they try to skip the weed situation, such as Bermuda grass being in fields where you're going to plant turf Bermuda or St. Augustine. That’s a no-no. Weed specialists need to be consulted, even though weed control is expensive, it’s a lot cheaper to control it up front than to do it later.

Mr. Grimsley and Tony Lastinger formed a business under G&L Enterprise and have developed several new machines that Sprigger's Choice builds and sales. The most popular at this time is the SOD TO SPRIGS sprigger. They have acquired a patent on these machines that extends to several different machines which have been developed out of this concept. These SprigMaster II machines have been sold throughout the US and overseas .Sprigger's Choice also builds broadcast Sprigger (SprigMaster Pro), Verti-cut harvesters, rollers, crimpers, sod buggies, and fumigators (for applying Metam-sodium).

You can find more of our innovative equipment such as Sprig Washers, sod to sprigs on a trailer that is self powered to make sprigs for most any use but with an emphasis on making sprigs for hydro-sprigging (mulching)

By the way... we sprig circles around the competitors “!Sprigger’s Choice invites you to come and be part of the growth of Sprigger’s Inc. (Farm Tough Family).


Jesse and Mary Grimsley

Miscanthus Gigantius A possible new hope for the owners that  have open land and no irrigation. This crop is to be used for Biomass fuel. Below are links to sites about the grass.


I will make this comment, look long and hard at making a decision about getting into this crop. It can be really good if all the pieces fall together but on the other hand quite disastrous is there is no place for it to go. It is a long term commitment with possible great rewards. My suggestion would be to respond and react to the information you receive.


Sprigger’s Choice is working to redesign some of its sprigging equipment for planting Miscanthus rhizomes.

We are also building some new equipment such as the undercut plow to help with the harvesting of the rhizomes.

Turf grass field

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